Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Friday, December 20, 2013

Hark! A Christmas Blog Contest! - Day 20ish

Okay then! Wednesday's answer was d). Boxing day is the day the money in the alms boxes is counted, although it has come to mean many other things.

Today's pie is Cranberry-Ginger-Pear pie. I have no idea how this tastes as I have never made it. It came up on my google search for "ginger pie" and looked good.

The question is:

The first song played from space was a Christmas carol! Was the song:

a) Jingle Bells
b) Santa Clause is Coming to Town
c) Jingle Bell Rock
d) Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer

Bonus! Can you name the space program that played it? 

(Note: There is no special prize for answering the bonus question. It's just there to make you feel smart!)

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Hark! A Christmas Blog Contest! - um... what day is it?

Yeah. I know. I should avoid doing countdowns that involve contests considering exactly how much time I have around the holidays.

On the upshot, I have finished all of the prize baskets!

First place will win:
- A downloadable copy of the Piano Guys: A Family Christmas (via Amazon or iTunes).
- First pick of the handmade ornaments (you have the choice of a white star, a green sweater, or a little sock - pics to come when I've recharged my camera battery).
- Either a homemade gingerbread, or a gingerbread mix.

Second place will win:
- A downloadable copy of the Piano Guys: A Family Christmas
- Second choice of the handmade ornaments.

Third place will win:
- The remaining ornament.

The previous correct answer is b). St. Nicholas brought three boys back from the dead after they were murdered and pickled in brine. Legend has it that the murderer was planning on selling the cuts of boy meat as pork. Ew.

Today's pie is rhubarb (because why not).

Today's trivia question is:

Boxing day - the day after Christmas - is called such because:
a) you box up all the Christmas things
b) fruitcake used to be called "box cake" in Sweden
c) Italy used to hold boxing matches the day after the festivities
d) it is named after the traditional counting up of the money in the alms boxes
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