Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Brief Glimpse Into a Sick, Sleep Deprived, Finals Addled Brain

Somewhere in the back of my brain is a program running that tells stories as I go to keep me entertained during the day. Don't believe me? Here's an excerpt from just a few hours ago.

Old School Nat Geo: ...and the intrepid explorer leaves her safe place in search of Chicken Soup.

Pokemon: Suddenly, a Wild Grocery Store appears!

D&D: Roll for initiative. You need to have a five or higher shopping to begin.

Pokemon: Wild Grocery Store uses Overwhelm!

Old School Nat Geo: Umm... and the intrepid explorer forges onward through impossible odds...

D&D: You have a 6 shopping. Roll for damage.

Pokemon: Wild Grocery Store faints!

Old School Nat Geo: Now wait just one cotton pickin' minute! I was here first! Dagnabit, you can't just jump into my show!

Pokemon: A wild National Geographic Narrator attacks!

D&D: Roll for - aw whatever. Dude, I'm the Dungeon Master here! I call the shots!

Old School Nat Geo: No you don't! Put yer dukes up!

Pokemon: Pikachu!

At this point they all begin squabbling, and that's when my brain short circuits and freezes while I stand helplessly staring at some cereal boxes.


Starfleet Command: Good job, Captain. You've accomplished your mission. Pay for your chicken soup and bring the USS Enterprise back into Federation space.

To be continued...

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