Monday, May 30, 2011

If I'm Going to Get Sucked In, So Are You!

It shocks me just how little I've got to tell on this blog anymore. Seriously, it's rather sad.

When I first got my blog, I wanted to post everything. Rants, observations of nekkid people, stuff about my knitting, you name it. Now, it's like I have permanent blog-block. Nothing is worthy of a post, and besides that after a Raveler posted this link online two weeks ago, my productivity has been shot to H-E-Double hockey sticks.

Don't click that link. Seriously, don't click it. You'll never get out.

It's the link for Chrome's version of Angry Birds.

If you haven't played Angry Birds yet, I don't recommend it if only because once you start, it's too cool to stop.

The basic premise is that the evil pigs have stolen the birds' eggs. Now, the birds are battling the pigs to get them back. By slingshotting themselves at the pigs.

Yes, they literally sit in a slingshot and like little feathered, kamikaze terrors from above they fly at the various and sundry structures the pigs are hiding in. Some of the birds do interesting things when clicked, like explode. Seriously. It lands somewhere, you click again, and BOOM! Nothing is left.

And I'm hooked. As is the rest of the tech-savvy world, apparently. As of this post, total downloads of Angry Birds exceeded 200 million.

That's a lot of kamikaze birds.

1 comment:

  1. Angry birds rocks. Period.

    Good luck weaning yourself off it enough for real life - it's h-a-r-d! :-)


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