Monday, October 10, 2011

I Think I Must be the Worst Blogger Ever

Really. I'm kind of the blogging equivalent to this guy:

Seriously, I'm that kind of a train wreck right now.

The trouble has been that there have been way too many distracting things. Work, school, getting ready to graduate... and way more knitting that I care to admit I've let slip past the realms of Ravelry and my blog.

See, the other thing that's been happening is that I've been busy with a special project.

What kind of special project?

One that heavily exemplifies my eventual and inevitable decent into geekery.

Wait, could you be more specific?

Um... it involves me doing geeky costume-y things?

That's not going to be enough for you, is it.

Okay, here's what I've been doing: For the past few months, I've been slowly amassing my steampunk costume. Yeah, you heard me. A steampunk costume.

I'm obsessed. I've been obsessed with steampunk ever since I read The Voyage of the Basset when I was about nine or ten. I deeply wanted the HMS Basset to be real and take me off to a magical land, and I wanted my very own Wunterlabe (pronounced VOONT-er-lob) to navigate the "Otherwhere and Otherwhen." 

The thing is, everything in the world of the Basset is either clockwork or steampowered, and I was enchanted. This lead to a love of Sherlock Holmes and other victorian mysteries. Then I just started thinking about complicated machinery run entirely by steam and clockwork. I simply lacked the word for what this obsession was.

The weird part was that I honestly thought I was alone in my passion.

Then, a few years ago, an interesting and very fun show came to SciFy network. It was Warehouse 13. Oddly, everything in Warehouse 13 was exactly that. A quick perusing of the wikipedia page told me it was called "steampunk." And that's when I realized that for ten years I have thought I was alone. There are whole conventions for like-minded people. There are musicians and people making music videos about steampunk!

Really, I'm just ahead of the curve. And now I can't wait for Halloween. Geekdome... here I come!

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