Tuesday, August 27, 2013

15 Signs You're Addicted to the Internet

1) Just because you have to use the bathroom doesn't mean you have to leave the laptop in the living room.

2) A huge storm is over your house and you're more concerned that if it knocks out the power you'll lose your wifi connection than the power to your refrigerator/freezer.

3) What's television? Reddit has a whole piece on audience reactions to Miley Cyrus' VMA show!

4) |\|0 0|\|3 U|\|D3r$74|\|D$ \/\/|-|@ j00Z 7'/P3 4|\|'//\/\0r3. |\|00B$. 

5) You don't want to shower because you can't safely take your laptop in with you to read Buzzfeed articles.

6) 4chan has cut you off... you shouted "I'll tell you when I've had enough!"

7) You have more pictures of funny cats on your computer than you do of people. 

8) Your family has just decided to stage an intervention. You didn't show up because your family isn't on Facebook and therefore didn't make an event.

9) The internet is down for line maintenance. The service provider said it didn't have anything to get you through until they got more supply.

10) Libraries have books?!

11) The FBI has put Twitter on its most wanted list of drug dealers.

12) You have forgotten what humans look like. What do you mean they're not text on a screen?!

13) The police have just come to ensure you're not dead because no one except the Domino's pizza delivery guy has seen you for three months - and he's only getting the chance because Domino's has online ordering.

14) You spent an entire weekend on Cracked.com. You never noticed you lost two whole days.

15) Somehow, somewhere there is someone who knows the internet better than you... and for reasons you cannot explain, that is a scary thought.

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