Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Randomness on Wednesday

I'm in Contra, so someone get me a Konami Code - I need a life or thirty.

1) I was thinking, wouldn't a terry cloth ballgown be the best? You wouldn't have to worry about the cost too much: Just sew a couple of towels together. You'd have the most comfortable dress at the dance.

2) I have a new vacuum. It's a gently used Dyson and I love this thing. It actually vacuums the floor. Which is a definite improvement over my old one.

3) It's only the third day of school and I've already overslept. Wow. Just wow.

4) The campus bookstore is a total ripoff. Last semester I bought one of my books used for $35. Apparently it retails new for $25. And the scary part about buying my textbooks online this semester is that I'm not sure if they'll get here on time to actually be effective.

5) It's cold.

6) I'm hungry.

7) I have four classes today.

8) Spring Rush is tonight.

9) My to-do list is a mile long.

10) I'm in class and blogging, and the guest speaker actually thinks it's cool. I love classes on Social Media.

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