Friday, June 11, 2010

In Which I Discover I am a Huge Sucker for Lace

I love lace. Really I do. It's like my love affair with the internet: I love it to the point of distraction, but then I really do get distracted and hate it for a while. So I suppose it's more of a love/hate relationship than anything else.

Well, in March I decided I would design my own lacy tee after I discovered that when I went to knit the Victoria Tank, I really hated it. My tee would have lace around the bottom, a stockinette body, a lace panel sewn on over the bust, and floaty, lacy cap sleeves. So I knit on. At six stitches to the inch, I didn't realize just how long I would have to knit stockinette in the round before I got to the underarms. I am an idiot.

So now I'm at the underarms... and I've condemned the project to the knitting basket. I hate it right now. I love what I want from it. It's not like I hate the idea, but I simply cannot figure out how to go about the lacy, floaty cap sleeves to get them lacy and floaty enough. I also have no idea what to do with the lace panel on the bust. Construction-wise, that's all planned (since I plan on pitching this pattern to a magazine, sorry, not telling you. You'll have to wait). Pretty design-wise, not so much.

I'm a smart person, and you'd think I'd know better. You can't just rush headlong into a project without knowing this stuff. I'd even done the calculations for the sizing, but I simply hadn't figured out the lace.

I'm picking it up again today. Wish me luck because I don't have a clue if I'll have enough yarn, or enough sanity to finish.

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