Friday, July 23, 2010

A-Camping We Shall Go!

Today, I am off for a camping overnight with Allison! Why? Why this weekend, you ask? Welcome to the Utah holiday known as Pioneer Day! Pioneer Day celebrates the founding of the state of Utah. This was approximately the day when Brigham Young looked over the ridge and said "This is the place." The pioneers stopped traveling, and settled here in Utah.

After leaving, the Saints eventually found a relatively secluded area to live in. Originally, the Saints were going to call it Deseret, a Hebrew word for beehive. However, a rather unkind senator decided that it wouldn't be called by a "Mormon Name" but rather decided that the Ute Indian word, Utah, meaning "in the tops of the mountains" would be used.

Today, it's celebrated here with parades, fireworks, carnivals, farmer's markets and a pile of other things. I'm excited. This will be the first Pioneer Day I've ever spent in Utah. It's not such a big deal anywhere else.

I'll post pics tomorrow.

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