Friday, July 9, 2010

To Add, or Not to Add...

I've been working on a pattern called the eyelet blouse. It's driving me nuts. I'm finally (really finally!) close to the end... and I've hit a snag.

My design calls for a bit of lace to be worked on top of the bust, with little gathers underneath it. The gather's aren't hard to work. I knit a row of purl stitches along the front where I wanted the panel to start, and I picked up and knit a small portion of them. This creates little gathers where I skipped over stitches. Unfortunately, this also means that I simply don't have enough fabric for the bust. I'm tempted to ignore it completely.

I mean really, is stockinette that bad? It has lace sleeves and will have lovely ties at the back with ribbon around the top to pull the neckline in, like a peasant top. Does it really need that extra lace?

I don't think so, and it's MY pattern! I think I can change it whenever I want.

Thanks, blog, for listening!

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