Friday, September 10, 2010

I'm being enabled...

My dad and stepmom are huge yarn store enablers. What I mean is, no matter how many times I may tell them "I'm over my yarn budget, and I don't need more yarn," they still encourage me to get some.

And me, being helpless in the face of tweed, cannot help but give in. I am the proud owner of 1050 yards of purple, worsted tweed. I'm making Brunello.

Of course, this is after I knit almost a foot of random, stockinette strip to make a too short poncho that I'd probably wear maybe once or twice. No, this is a much better decision. Thank goodness the Knitty First Fall Surprise came out when it did, because my gauge is perfect and I have plenty of yardage.

I think I'll cast on right away!

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