Thursday, September 23, 2010

An Observation

Have you ever noticed something about Whipped Cream? There's only one kind of whipped cream and it's called Nowhere Near Enough Whipped Cream.

I've been looking for the elusive Quite Enough Whipped Cream but I can't seem to find it. Or rather, I think I've found it and it turns out to be Nowhere Near Enough whipped cream.

Think about it: You're getting your piece of pecan pie (homemade by yours truly, BTW) and you would love whipped cream on top. So you ask for some, and someone puts a bit on, thinking it's Quite Enough whipped cream. But you take one look at it and suddenly it's Nowhere Near Enough whipped cream, so you need more. Lots more. Like, volume wise, it's more than the slice of pie more.

I could have sworn I purchase a huge freakin' can of whipped cream for the sorority dinner tonight. By the third person to try and use it, it was all gone. Turns out I got Nowhere Near Enough whipped cream again.

Anyone know where I can get Quite Enough whipped cream?

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