Friday, April 1, 2011

Go Orange for April Fools and the ASPCA!

Dear amazing and wonderful blog lurkers and the new lurkers who are just beginning to comment,

Today is the first day of April. To the ASPCA, this marks the start of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month. As some people know, I'm a supporter of everything the ASPCA does.

So I'd like to leave you a challenge: For every unique comment on every blog post this month, I will donate a dollar to the ASPCA. What this means is that if you comment once on a blog post, I will donate a dollar. If you comment eight times, I'll still only donate a dollar. If I get eight posts from eight different people, I'll donate eight dollars. If you post a comment on every single post, I'll donate a dollar for every comment you made. I'll add it all up at the end of the month, and we'll see just how much I donated. If you want to add your own donation to the pot, I'll factor it in as well.

And for some added incentive, if you donate to the ASPCA this month yourself and comment on my blog with your donation amount, I'll put you in a drawing to win something awesome. It might be yarn. It might be a cool book about animals. It might be an awesome water bottle. It might be a year's supply of Turtle Wax (just kidding. What the heck is Turtle Wax anyway?). But you'll win something cool.

And now for a shameless plug for the ASPCA, since they do many awesome things.

Since orange is the ASPCA's official color, if you'd like to go orange yourself, consider getting something from their store. All net proceeds (that means all of the profit made after they take out the cost of making the item) goes towards ending animal cruelty. This applies to literally everything in the online store. I won't factor purchases into the drawing. Sorry. You've already gotten your prize.

And now, a gratuitous video of some shelter kitties:

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  1. The orange cat is so adorable he looks just like my Skimbleshanks. I have two orange tabby's Mister Mistoffoleese and Skimbleshanks yes off of the musical Cats!!! my mother and father have 6 cats, snow, cliff, isis, bast, dusk and trixi. At my apartment we have 4 cats. Skimble, misty (for short), Tigger and sabrina yes we are cat people and I'm a knitter go figure right?


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