Sunday, April 17, 2011

Websites of Awesome

I'm thinking I should showcase some very fun, informative, and generally awesome websites on my blog today. No, there will not be a theme. There will only be awesomeness as I see fit to post awesomeness.

Website 1 is Goggles. Goggles allows you to paint on any web page you want. Click on the link and follow the instructions. Once it's in your bookmarks bar, you can doodle on any page you want.

Seriously, try it here. Makes the stuff I post far more interesting.

Website 2 is My Gluten Facts. This is the most comprehensive website I've ever come across for finding gluten free information out there. They've compiled a gazillion restaurant menus, products, and various other things to show you what's gluten free and what isn't. That and their labeling system is easy to understand.

If you need to eat GF, this is the site for you. I've already been made extremely happy today.

Website 3 is Konami Code sites. Using your arrow and letter keys, Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A to get in (sorry, it doesn't work on my blog. I wish it did). That's a Konami Code.

The Konami Code was originally in a game called Contra and it featured some spectacularly bad Japanese-English translation. For example: "All your base are belong to us." Not entirely sure what they meant, but it's sure as heck funny.

Well, now you can enter a Konami Code on various sites and cool stuff will happen. Sadly, not all of the sites on this page work (sometimes web page updates take out the code), but many of them do.

Website 4 (the final site today) is The Random Kitten Generator. It's just that: Random pictures of kittens. Do I need to explain it further?

April is still Go Orange month! All comments will add to the pot for a donation!

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