Saturday, April 30, 2011

Links Posted by Ravelers

On the last day of this somewhat disastrous contest, I feel the need to post again.

BTW, I've raised $3 in comments. Sigh. I'm giving $15 (that's enough to provide a bag of food to an ASPCA sponsored shelter).

So, without further ado, some funny links Ravelers have sent me.

hyperboleandahalf. Yup, before Ravelry I'd never heard of this site, and it's funny. Impossibly funny. In fact, I recommend reading God of Cake if you have any questions regarding the funny.

Then next link is... a list of comments from Holy crap. I can't finish them. My eyes are tearing up from laughter. Amazingly silly on so many levels. Who knew foil had so many uses/devoted followers?

A paper on Knitting Dependence. Yup, you heard me. Someone wrote this paper on the fictional mental health disorder, Knitting Dependence. It was apparently for an assignment on determining and researching a mental disorder for submission to the mental health association. Either way, I meet all the criterion. I think the cure might be more yarn.

Here's a hint for the next two links:
How many hipsters does it take to screw in a lightbulb? It's a really obscure number; you probably haven't heard of it.

Yup, the next two involve everyone's favorite dirty words I can't say for fear of my mother's bar of soap: Hipsters. Oddly enough, hipsters and their amazingly condescending attitudes towards the world are amazingly mockable by those of us who have been afflicted with them (I'm remembering a certain one-time visit to a certain local chiropractor). Unhappy Hipsters (kind of a "what else is new" sort of irony) and Dads are the Original Hipsters. The second one is the really hilarious one.

Ah, Great and Mighty Ravelers. You guys crack me up.

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