Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Countdown to Christmas Playlist - Days 7 & 8

Because I totally know my days of the week and thought yesterday was Monday (go figure), I completely spaced posting yesterday. Okay, we'll just play catchup.

Of all the Muppets, Rowlf the Dog is probably my favorite. He plays fantastic music and does wonderful solos and duets. The song is "The Christmas Party Sing-a-Long," but there isn't a good Youtube video for it so here's a link to a page with a short preview clip. It's from "The Muppets: A Green and Red Christmas."

The Christmas Party Sing-a-Long

The next song is by a cappella group Go Fish. They've been a favorite of mine for awhile. We're listening to their cover of "Silent Night." It's not your typical rendition, as a heads up.

A few years ago the American Idol runner up was David Archuleta. He's from Murray - not too far away from me - so being a Utah dweller I can't leave him off the list. His rendition of "Pat-a-Pan" is stunning and included on this playlist.

The Trans-Siberian Orchestra is back with their song "Christmas Jam" on the playlist! Just a little more rock to brighten your holiday.

I'll be back tomorrow with more music!

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