Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Road to Salt City Steamfest - Days 15 & 16

The trouble with headache season is that they really mess with those best-laid blog plans. I'd say I was sorry, but when you have a headache that bad you don't really feel too bad about not blogging.

Tonight I'm showing you something else I've made for the convention. You guys, I sewed something. Not knit... sewed. I am so incredibly pleased with myself. I made a skirt.

That's it on the dress maker's form. I made the entire thing out of fabric remnants. The drawstring is a bit of microfiber "leather" lashing I got in a package from Wal-Mart (and is too long so should probably be trimmed). 

The pattern is from a company called ModKid, and the pattern is Juliana. I've gotta tell you, this is a beginner seamstress' dream. The skirt is not only very pretty and fun to make, it's a nice challenge after way too many pairs of pajama bottoms (with blog as my witness, I will never make a pair of pajama bottoms again). The instructions are incredibly detailed, the paper is sturdy, not that thin stuff, and it is super easy to do. I learned a whole lot by making that skirt. I highly recommend it for not just costuming, but for fun summer wear. I think I'm going to make another one really soon.

Tonight's music starts with Sunday Driver and their slightly lower tempo song "The General."

And then, just to pick the pace back up, Dr. Steel is back with "Fibonacci Sequence." (Note: This is a fan made video that Dr. Steel really likes as it's on his favorites playlist. The long, strange piece at the beginning was part of a DVD menu that was included into the youtube video because the creator liked it. Wait a little. The music video will come.)

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