Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Road to Salt City Steamfest - Days 20 & 21

If you were wondering where I was last night, I was having an early bed time. Like I said earlier, headache season.

But in other news, guys, I made a blouse. A functioning blouse. I finished it just before I got on the computer to blog, so pics (plus maybe process pics of the second one I'm making) will go up tomorrow. I know. Sewing is so fun!!!!

Tonight's songs start with Frenchy and the Punk's "Vaudeville Voodoo."

Then we go back to the 20s with Jill Tracy's "Evil Night Together." (I like to imagine a Bond villain when I listen to this.)

So. To recap. Tomorrow, blouse, second blouse photos, more music. Maybe even another project I've been working on. T-minus 5 days and counting. I'm excited. Are you?

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